What you said about DHHM

Here is just a small selection of the inspiring and generous comments that we received by email and on our Facebook pages. You are most thoughtful and we are humbled; thanks to all of you who have been part of DHHM!
"Nothing but respect for organisers and Marshals - you put on a fabulous event! Weather was challenging but at least we participants were moving through it whilst you were all standing still in the freezing wet! Thank you SO much ..., I’ll be back for sure!" (Julie, DHHM2018)
"I was privileged to be the Race Referee today and able to witness the best organised and marshalled run that I’ve ever experienced.  Massive congratulations for the slick and cheerful way the day went which I know will have only been possible because of enormous amounts of groundwork that will have been put in to make it such a success, but also to the smiling and welcoming marshals.  Massive congratulations. The organisation of the Event should be a benchmark for all other running events to emulate.  I know I will try" (Alex, DHHM2017)
"Absolutely brilliant event and beautiful people! The course was brilliant with so many natural WOW features! Loved the beer and the tshirt is awesome! Loved the refreshing take you’ve had on organising the event and you have done loads of quirky things that make it memorable. Love the names on the bibs and the marshals signs, it makes a massive difference and is almost like a big warm fuzzy hug! Love your instructions and the way the whole village embraces the race and makes you feel really welcome! Thank you!! xx" (Fiona, DHHM2018)
" Amazing event for oh so many reasons! This ranks as one of the toughest races I’ve ever done mostly due to the conditions (which were a wee bit testing!!😂) & my lack of training! However the organisation was excellent & the marshals were exceptional. Top job everyone. 👏👏👏" (Maggie, DHHM2018)
DHHM is the best running race in the whole world FACT!" (Neil, DHHM2018)
"I would just like to pass on my thanks to you and all the Marshals in relation to Sunday’s race.  At the age of 57, I have run literally hundreds of races since my teens, but the organisation and the positivity of the Marshals on Sunday was absolutely excellent! It was the first time I had run the race and I will be back next year without question – great race!  Pass on my thanks and praise to all those cheerful Marshals!"  (Peter, DHHM2017)
"As a race participant, I can tell you that this event is a masterpiece. I've ran in some brilliant trail races over the years but in a number of key aspects, this event trumps (can we still use that word?) the lot." (Miles, DHHM2018)
"My shoes are muddy run kit is muddy, my get changed into after kit is muddy, my car is muddy, I loved it, big thanks to all the organisers and marshals, I'll be back next year." (Paul, DHHM2018)
My new favourite half 👍. The organisers, helpers and marshals were superstars today (Adam, DHHM2018)
"I just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for my lovely run on Sunday... from the moment I got out of my car until I returned the whole time I couldn't not smile. marshals were all amazing, the course fab, the goodie bags great and I love love my tee-shirt too. So thank you, here's to next year and hopefully a fitter me x" (Lisa, DHHM2017)
"Thank you for a fab race! Fantastic organisation! The marshals were awesome, every one of them deserves a medal! Thank you also to the car park attendants and the Chief who helped to get our car out of the field!" (Stefanie, DHHM2018)
"Many congratulations on hosting another fantastic DHMM. 2018 version was tough as hell in the weather but once again spectacular. Please don't change what are doing or how you run the event ... I will be be back for 2019 as this is still the most exciting event for the year." (Russell, DHHM2018)
"Last year I said 'What a great way to spend a few hours in the glorious English countryside. Thanks to all those friendly marshals for their great support'. This year I’m going to repeat myself. Again, a great few hours in that glorious countryside. I could add the friendly runners to those friendly marshals and I could add that you arranged some glorious weather. If those friendly marshals don’t mind waiting around for me to finish then I certainly want to be back there in 2018! Thanks for a great, friendly event" (John, DHHM2017)
"Absolutely loved it!! The biggest thank you of all to your Marshal’s, to say they’re amazing is an understatement! The encouragement on the way round was fantastic, and those people in the car park helping to push cars out...legends! 💪🏻😀(Rachel, DHHM2018)
"Huge huge thanks today guys for putting on such a great event. The atmosphere, organisation and resilience in the toughest of conditions was an example to every events host. The crew helping folk out of the car park were stars, and EVERY marshal was so smiley and positive despite being in the rain for hours. Massive thanks" (Pete, DHHM2018)
"Fantastic race today - brilliant organisation, great marshals , super signage of the course, perfect weather too . Congrats to all. Best organised race I've ever done!" (Karen, DHHM2017)
"Great race today's guys, thanks a lot for putting it all together (I know it's a lot of work!). Really impressed with course marking and marshalling given the distance and intricacy of the course, well done!" (Brian, DHHM2016)
"Just wanted to say thank you for a great event.  It was all good: brilliant route - challenging and through beautiful countryside; superb marshalling; good goody bag (contained food). I realise that events that good don't happen by accident, so well done to everyone who helped make it such a success. Thank you" (Ian, DHHM2017)
"I want to give a big shout out to all the marshals today. Standing out in the cold, wind and rain and yet they were so incredibly cheerful and supportive. Pointing out hazards and helping participants. Your club should be so proud to have put this event on in such miserable conditions. Personally I found it tough today..... but I’ll be back. Thanks again" (Shona, DHHM2018)
"Hats off guys. That was an amazing race today - the marshals were brilliant and despite the challenges you were thrown with car parking and the weather you pulled off a great race (and possibly the hardest half I’ve ever done)" (Emma, DHHM2018)
"Please let there be a DHHM 2019! I promise to drink more ale at the water stations 😂😂!" (Steve, DHHM2018)
"Just been reading all the other posts and there's little more i can add. Fantastic but tough race, unbelievably cheerful marshals considering the cold weather, great goody bag which i demolished on the way home. And last but not least the scrumptious cake  😀 see you next year for another mud fest(Andy, DHHM2017)
" I've done lots of races over the years and the Doynton Hard Half is top of my list! Brilliantly organised, a great course and fantastic food at the finish line." (Laura, DHHM2018)
"As a returning runner, who loved last year, I'd just like to commend you on making this year even better. It's so refreshing to turn up to an event organised by runners for runners. Your marshals are amazing. Well done and thank you." (Andrew, DHHM2017)
"Without doubt the hardest half I have ever run, with conditions not helping. Was enjoyable and horrible, will probably change my mind about doing it again once I stop aching (as we do) but will be recommending this to others (people I don't like). Thank you to the Organisers, Marshals and the car park helpers, you all did a fantastic job." (Allen, DHHM2018)
"I just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant race today. As a son of Doynton, it was great to run around all the places I used to run around as a child. Mind you I was a lot faster 30 years ago, but probably got just as muddy! Great fun to be able to do it without getting told off by my Mum" (Simon, DHHM2016)
"That was a really really good race! Thank you to everyone involved. Brilliant marshalling and goody bag and cakes. My personal top two though; first - the course which was really imaginative (including the completely unnecessary double dip in the river which reminded me of the stairs in the landing of the hotel in Fawlty Towers - i.e. completely unnecessary but only there for fun) and second was how the whole event seemed like a community event. For that, it felt like more than a race which is quite a hard trick to pull off. Top work everyone! Thank you." (Ben, DHHM2017)
"Wonderfully organised event. Liked the new marshal signage - I was able to 'personally thank' the marshals by name which was a lovely touch. Thank you all at EGRC" (Nick, DHHM2017)
 "I’ve been on to trading standards today to see if I can get my money back due to false advertising I spent over 3 hrs looking for 'dry mud' and didn’t find any anywhere. Great event see you next year  👍" (George, DHHM2018)
"Hi guys, I ran the DHHM on Sunday and just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all. I really enjoyed the run, it was a beautiful course, well organised with good support. I've not always been hugely in to running, but my training and this course had given me a new found love for cross country. I really hope that I will be able to run it again next year. Thanks again, hopefully see you in 2018." (Dave, DHHM2017)
"Just really wanted to say thank you!  What an amazingly well organised event. I had a fantastic time even wading through the mud with cow poo! Fantastic challenging course,  the hardest but most fun half I have ever done.  Can't wait to come back next year. Please tell your marshals how brilliant they were,  every single one so friendly" (Maria, DHHM2016)
"Another great event, you should be very proud of how it all went. I did not think it could get better than Year 1 but it was. Of course the frosty mud helped and now you just need to level some of those hills out for me for next year and it will continue to improve. Lots of great feedback on the FB page so it's not just me that thinks you are all amazing!" (Sharon, DHHM2017)
"DHHM, what can I say! It was my first experience of running a trail run and I loved every minute of it. I would like to say a big thank you to all the residents at Doynton for the fantastic welcome and opening up their beautiful village for the day. All the marshals were amazing all upbeat and cheering us on and the bars along the way were something else" (Trudi, DHHM2018)
"Big thanks DHHM for a fantastic event. The toughest half marathon I've ever done. An extra special thanks for your marshals who were absolutely brilliant. Already looking forward to next year(John, DHHM2017)
"Well what a fabulous run!!!! I have no doubt that this will very quickly become an iconic race with all the kudos it deserves - especially for those that complete it. Brilliant just brilliant, the marshals the course the cakes etc. I had a choice of races on the day and SO glad to have chosen this in your first year. Better still that you sold-out proving that there are a lot of nutters out there that don't mind getting dirty as a part of the conditions rather than mud for muds sake. My compliments to the hard working car park crew that got everyone in (and out I hope). I will tell EVERYONE that listens that THIS is a race you HAVE to do!!!. Thankyou" (Tom, DHHM2016)
Kind words and high praise