Technical t-shirt
All runners will receive a technical t-shirt even if they don't quite make it to the finish line (2017 style t-shirt shown). Our sizeable design team will be defrosted in good time to work on a design and you will be asked to specify your t-shirt size when you make your race booking with FullOnSport. Separate ladies and gents fit t-shirts will be back by popular demand for 2018 in all sizes from XS to XXL.
Finishers' goody bag
All runners will receive a goody bag of the loveliest quality containing various treasures including sugary treats and other delights.
Winners' Trophies
Trophies, which don't resemble the one in the picture, will be awarded to individual runners in 10 age categories (5 each for ladies and gents) as follows:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female overall
  • 1st Male and Female V40+ (40-49 years old)
  • 1st Male and Female V50+ (50-59 years old)
  • 1st Male and Female V60+ (60-69 years old)
  • 1st Male and Female V70+ (70+ years old)

The much coveted club trophies also be awarded to:

  • Fastest 3 finishers from the same club (male / all ages)
  • Fastest 3 finishers from the same club (female / all ages)

In the name of variety, it would be nice to award this to a different club in 2018, though we of course love our friends at Bristol & West AC!
We also aim to spread a bottle of wine or so about for some of the category winners if we haven't spent all the spare cash on jelly babies and wine gums.

Oooh prizes