We do charity

Why do we do DHHM?
A lot of people ask why we stage DHHM. There are several answers & reasons:
We have no idea
... but it's great fun and people seem to smile a lot afterwards so we'll keep doing it for as long as we can.
Community spirit
Many of the comments we receive about the race mention the community spirit that is evident at DHHM. This is the best praise of all as we aimed to create a community event with and for Doynton (which also happens to be a jolly good running race as well). Seeing so many people from the running and local community join together to create such a memorable day in Doynton is a wonderful thing.
Keeping EGRC on the map
The races staged by a club typically reflect their ethos and mentality (oh dear...). DHHM and EGRC are both friendly, fun, welcoming and feature beer. Come and join us for run sometime (see the contact page for details).
Charitable donations
Staging DHHM is an expensive hobby but we always have a charity fund which has grown each year since our first attempt in 2016. The fund is small but growing and we have so far made donations totalling £3100. Here are details of the local causes we have directly supported.
Doynton Church
Doynton Summers field
The residents of Doynton also raise funds in the region of £900 per year by selling refreshments on race day and many of the race participants also run for their own charitable causes.

If you have an idea for a cause that you think could be supported by DHHM then get in touch with us.